In the broad product field of winding materials, particularly in the special area “toroidal core chokes"
CALTRON is in a position to develop and even to produce components for applications with high
nominal currents, high nominal output power.
Suitable toroidal winding machines as weII as pulling machines, so-called “puII winders” help make
it possible to execute this type of products.
In addition to our standard programme we can offer components for the following areas of application:

-Frequency converters
-UPS systems
-Motor drives
-Switching power supplies

We specialise in the following products:

Compensated multiple chokes; P+N; 3P; 3P+N

Nominal current       : up to 100 Amp.
Nominal inductance  : up to 20 mHenry
Operating voltage     : up to 560 VAC
Test voltage             : up to 1800 VAC / 2 seconds, winding to winding

Non-compensated chokes (Iinear chokes)

Nominal current       : up to 100 Amp.
Nominal inductance  : up to 1’000 uHenry
Operating voltage     : up to 600 VDC
Operating frequency : up to 20 kHz

Energy storage chokes

Nominal current        : up to 50 Amp.
Nominal inductance   : up to 500 uHenry
Operating voltage      : up to 600 VDC
Operating frequency  : up to 1 MHZ (depending on core material)

AII of these special chokes are developed and produced in accordance with customer wishes.
They are frequently recommended in an open construction in horizontal or vertical version.
We shaII gladly study your component problem and prepare an optimum offer at short time.
CALTRON is able to contribute weII over 20 years of engineering experience in this field.

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