Compared with conventional 50/60 Hz mains transformers, high frequency power transformers offer
the following advantages:

        -Reduced volume and weight                                              - High efficiency degree

Power transformers are used in many modern power supply applications.
Specifically switchings such as Flyback, Forward, Push-Pull and AC/DC or DC/DC converters
can be named as main areas of use. Ferrite materials in various forms are used,
depending on the application these can be toroidal or EE/EF/ETD and EFD standard cores.

EE/EF cores are the types most widely used in very high volumes.

ETD cores are preferred if simple winding technology and a compact structure are required.

EFD cores are used for extremely flat power transformer structures.

Technical threshold data:

     -Power transformer output : up to 1.000 Watt

     -Operating frequency : up to 1 MHz (depending on the ferrite material)

     -Isolation strenght : up to 4.000 VAC/5oHz /1min.

     -Operating temperature : -25°C + +85°C

     -Inflammability : as per UL94V-0

Depending on the core form a vertical or horizontal structure is possible.
The windings are wound with copper wire, HF stranded wire or triple isolated wire depending on the requirements.
The safety standard conforms to EN 60950.
We shall be pleased to develop and produce your special power transformer in accordance with your specifications.
CALTRON is in a position to prepare a prototype with data sheet in the shortest of time.

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