General Information

Chokes in vertical version enable space economizing, compact printed circuit board assembly.
Storage chokes are used in switching power supply (switch mode regulators) as intermediate energy storage.
These modem supply units offer big advantages compared with older Iinear regulators:
Small construction size, Iow power Iosses, good efficiency and best no Ioad operation behavior.
In order to achieve these advantages onIy high quality materials must be used as toroidal core.
CALTRON storage chokes achieve their super qualities above aII through the use of the special material Molypermalloy,
an 80% nickeI-iron compound.
Compared with the iron powder core material the thermal behavior at high switching frequencies(<200 kHz) is excellent.
The chokes have an almost constant inductance even with high alternating field modulation and high DC
pre-magnetizing current.
The simple construction enables high performance parameters with Iow heat development and an optimum
price/performance ratio. 





CSHT-6131-02D3 2 390 155 0.6 3
CSHT-6131-03D2 3.15 180 55 0.6 5.5
CSHT-6131-04D1 4 120 37 0.6 7
CSHT-6131-06C4 6.3 39 16 0.6  15


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